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Blossom everywhere, get together and start business, kingchun bathroom

Blossom everywhere, get together and start business, kingchun bathroom

Focus on the plumbing industry for 20 years

At the same time, the opening speed of kingchun sanitary ware Chongqing 7 store will provide more powerful support and guarantee for the sales and service in the local market

Provide consumers with a more convenient and worry free bathroom purchase experience.

New image, stunning appearance

Kingchun bathroom opened seven stores in Chongqing. As soon as the brand-new image shop appeared, it brightened people's eyes and won praise from the industry and consumers. This time AI Fei

The image of Lingwei bathroom store emphasizes the sense of fashion, design and experience, and explores the intersection and integration of products, space and culture.

Emperor Jie Welcome

The store design adopts light luxury and simple style, full of elegant and high-grade temperament, low-key and luxurious. The layout of the store is reasonable, including reception area, fantasy area and product area

And other different spatial zones are arranged in an orderly manner. In addition, it also makes full use of the lighting atmosphere and the mirror effect of the bathroom cabinet

And expand the sense of space and enhance the enjoyment of vision.

Kingchun bathroom cabinet series

Rich categories, one-stop shopping

Kingchun sanitary ware, as an overall sanitary ware brand, has a wide range of products, including bottle trap, brass sifon, Clic CLAC waste, pop up waste, brass sipon and other product series.

Since its establishment, kingchun sanitary ware has paid great attention to product research and development, with novel and unique styles. The new products launched every year have been welcomed by the market and become the industry leader

Fashion vane.

In order to meet the needs of the local market, kingchun's new bathroom store selects multi category, multi style and high-quality bathroom samples from the perspective of users

The product can meet the one-stop shopping needs of consumers and help every family rejuvenate the fashionable bathroom space. Popular products, ultra-high cost performance, versatile

Style, attracting a large number of consumers to enter the store for consultation and transaction.


DL Ezr sanitary cooling

Kingchun shower series

Kingchun has never slowed down the pace of distributing its outlets across the country. In the future, it will continue to promote and accelerate the construction of channels, continuously optimize and improve the service level,

So that every consumer can easily enjoy high-quality and more convenient bathroom experience.