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How do I choose the downcomer? Bounce or flip?

There are many kinds of sewers on the market. Many friends don't know which one to choose.


No matter what kind of launching device you choose, you should first know whether your pool has an overflow hole. If there is an overflow hole, it is necessary to select a sewer with an overflow hole.

Launcher is mainly divided into bouncing type and overturning type. In fact, if the brands and materials of the two launchers are the same, the drainage speed is basically not much different. You can choose according to your usage habits.

Bouncing type: refers to draining and closing water by pressing.


The advantage of a bouncing launcher is that it can be emptied by pressing lightly. The ejection device isolates the dirt through the water inlet filter screen and will not be discharged into the drainage pipe. However, it is also easy to accumulate dirt at the water inlet. If it is not cleaned in time, it is easy to be blocked. In addition, after long-term use, the pressing part is prone to aging and inconvenient for drainage.


Flip over: drain and close water by rotating.

The turnover device can rotate in any direction at will, resulting in water leakage in the basin. If it is used for a long time, the air tightness of the flap launcher will be reduced, and it is easy to leak when the water is closed.


When selecting a water dispenser, you can also view various accessories of the water dispenser. The fewer general accessories, the simpler the installation. Private replacement is more convenient. When you buy, you can also do a drainage experiment to see the drainage speed of the downcomer and the sealing degree of the connection with the downcomer.