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Integrated anti odor and anti blocking sewage discharge device, multiple anti odor design, easy installation. Finally, there is no smell in the house

Comfortable family life is most afraid of the smell of the home, especially the smell of the sewer. Many friends found that there was a peculiar smell at home. The first thing they think of must be the toilet. After repeated treatment, the smell at home is still very strong, which is bound to affect the mood of family life. In fact, in addition to toilets, floor drains and sewers are also connected to sewers. If there is a problem, it will make the home smell.


We recommend installing a deodorizing and anti clogging sewer for the downpipe of the washbasin. The utility model not only has good deodorizing effect, but also can prevent blockage, and the installation is particularly convenient. If the smell is hard to disappear at home for a long time, you can consider looking for a sewer.

The anti odor and anti blocking device adopts the integrated thickening design, with long service life and convenient installation. It does not require special tools. It can be directly inserted into the washbasin and installed manually.


This anti odor and anti blocking sewer is composed of sewer and sewer. First insert the sewer into the pool, and then insert the sewer into the sewer. There are two types of downcomers: turnover type and pressure type. The pressing water outlet is also equipped with an anti blocking basket, which can prevent foreign matters such as hair from entering and causing blockage.

The water heater is equipped with double silicone gaskets, which are non stick and water tight, and have very good sealing performance. The main body of downcomer is made of chrome plated stainless steel, which has been plated for multiple layers and has a longer service life.


The steel wire is embedded in the lower pipe and has good toughness. S-shaped elbow has better deodorization effect and can be freely adjusted to the appropriate length. Silicone interface is flexible and easy to install. Built in anti odor and anti blocking, to suppress odor and reject blocking.